About us

In April 2014, Wheelabrator Technologies Inc. (Wheelabrator) was appointed as Preferred Bidder by the North Wales Residual Waste Treatment Project (NWRWTP) to progress for a new Energy Recovery Facility on a site next to the Shotton Paper Mill on the Deeside Industrial Park. The site was occupied by railway sidings during the 1960s and 1970s and has been derelict since.

We have called the facility Parc Adfer to reflect its role in recovering energy from non-recyclable household waste that would otherwise be sent to landfill. It has been estimated that North Wales will create around 150,000 tonnes of waste a year that cannot be recycled and would need to be sent to landfill at considerable cost to the taxpayer.

Parc Adfer computer generated image

Parc Adfer computer generated image


Quick facts

  • Around 300 jobs created during the construction phase
  • Up to 35 full-time jobs created when operational
  • Enough power generated for more than 30,000* homes (or enough power for a town nearly four times the size of Connahs Quay)
  • The project will unlock funding for local communities totalling £230,000 a year
  • Dozens of supply chain opportunities for local businesses.
  • This is a tried and tested design – some 450 similar facilities exist across Europe

Parc Adfer will manage this residual waste to create energy (and potentially heat that could be used by our neighbours). It will also deliver jobs and a range of economic benefits for the area – such as community funding worth £230,000 each year. This comprises a fund of £180,000 a year, contributed by the five local authorities that make up the North Wales Residual Waste Treatment Project and a further £50,000 a year contributed by Wheelabrator.

The new energy recovery facility has the support of the councils represented by the NWRWTP (Conwy, Denbighshire Gwynedd, Isle of Anglesey and Flintshire) which are all committed to meeting the Welsh Government’s recycling and composting targets of 70 per cent and of sending no more than five per cent of residual waste to landfill. Parc Adfer will help the Authorities to meet these targets by recycling around 30,000 tonnes of waste each year, including bottom ash which is an aggregate-like material that can be reused in construction.

The team at Wheelabrator is committed to open communications within the communities where we operate.