Economic benefits

Creation of jobs and opportunities for local businesses

Parc Adfer will create hundreds of jobs during its construction and operation. There will also be dozens of opportunities for businesses:

Construction jobs

At the peak of construction we will need around 300 workers on site.

Operational jobs

We estimate we will create around 35 full-time jobs at Parc Adfer. We are committed to recruiting from local communities, where possible, in line with Flintshire County Council’s stated aspirations.

Business services

During operation we will need business services ranging from catering and landscaping, to cleaning and office supplies.


Parc Adfer which will generate 18.8 MW (gross) of sustainable electricity, enough to power over 30,000 UK homes and businesses. The facility will also be capable of providing valuable steam or heat to local industry and housing.

Inward investment

By attracting significant inward investors to build new waste infrastructure in North Wales, the Parc Adfer will create dozens of full-time jobs and supply chain opportunities for 25 years. This will help build a stronger, more robust economy across the region and beyond.

A Wheelabrator worker in another energy recovery site