Safety & health

Responsible, Reliable and Proven

We can give firm assurances that operations will be monitored within an extremely stringent set of regulations designed to protect our neighbours, staff and the environment.

Health and safety is paramount and an area that local councillors and the NWRWTP have asked us to focus on. Going beyond the typical requirements of the already stringent regulations, Wheelabrator has committed to introducing additional air quality monitoring for the site, providing additional assurance for local communities.

We also know that people locally may have questions about the process, the technology, how it works and how it may affect them. We will be working hard to answer those questions and offer the reassurance people need.

Parc Adfer computer generated image

Parc Adfer computer generated image


A record to be proud of

Wheelabrator is a proven developer, owner and operator of Energy Recovery Facilities with a long history of providing an effective and reliable service for local authorities, businesses and local communities around the world. We have developed owned and operated similar facilities for over 40 years and have a strong track record of providing exceptional long-term operational performance and reliability.

The process of generating energy from non-recycled waste is governed by strict legislation and regulation on emissions to ensure the local environment is protected. Parc Adfer will operate within the emission limits set by the Industrial Emissions Directive. Our business has pioneered many of the advanced environmental control technologies, procedures and applications that have gone on to set industry standards.

In addition, strict limits will also be imposed by Natural Resources Wales (NRW) on aspects such as noise and odour.

To ensure that odours do not escape, the building will be held under a slight negative air pressure. This means that when doors are opened to allow a delivery to enter or leave, air will flow into the building instead of into the open.

Parc Adfer CGI

Parc Adfer computer generated image


Wheelabrator Parc Adfer will be a combined heat and power enabled facility which will generate 18.8 MW (gross) of sustainable electricity, enough to power over 30,000 UK homes and businesses.